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What is Twisualise?

Twisualise is a <canvas> based interactive infographic that visualises how a person uses Twitter.

With it, you can -
- View your own usage (by type, size or users)
- Compare your usage with other users
- Visualise what you have in common with other users (Tweets to and from, Shared followers etc.).
- Explore your Tweet history
- See which Twitter users you speak to most

A few things you should know...

Twisualise works using only publically available tweets and API's

As such,
- Your tweets must be 'public' in order for Twisualise to work
- Twisualise has a request limit of 150 requests per hour, Be gentle :)

Hmm... The canvas isn't working... Presumably, You don't have a modern browser - Or you're using Internet Explorer. WHY???

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"A man's character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation."

~ Mark Twain

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